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Operating lease payments are expenses that reduce your net income. Greater tax savings may be created from this reduction in net income, than had you depreciated the asset.

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Recently Funded Deals

Here are five highlighted transactions our Cooperative has funded so far this Quarter.  We hope these give you a better understanding of how OneWorld helps US organizations meet their financial goals.

1. Electronics Industry

Texas – An engineering service company financed $572K in conveyors. The term is 36 months using an EFA.

2. Medical Industry

California – A medical clinic financed $411K in mammography units. The term is 60 months using an EFA.

3. Energy Industry

Texas – An oil/gas field service company financed $79K in compressors. The term is 60 months using an EFA.

4. Manufacturing Industry

Missouri – A motorcycle manufacturer financed $50K in two machining centers. The term is 60 months with a $1 Buyout.

5. Engineering Industry

Minnesota – An engineering consulting firm headquarted in MN financed $44K in furniture for a Houston location. The term is 60 months using an EFA.

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