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Operating lease payments are expenses that reduce your net income. Greater tax savings may be created from this reduction in net income, than had you depreciated the asset.

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Recently Funded Transactions November and December

Here are a few highlighted transactions that OneWorld has funded over the past couple of months.  As always, please let us know if you would like to find out more about these transactions and relationships.  Our hope is that you have a better understanding of how OneWorld helps US organizations meet financial goals after reading through these examples.

1. Construction Industry: A customer in California financed $426K for a pavement stripper. The term was 60 months and the structure was $1.00 buyout.

2. Auto Industry: An auto body repair shop in Texas financed $172K for a paint booth package. The term was 60 months using the $1.00 buyout structure.

3. Retail Industry: A customer  in Texas financed $101K for lighting equipment. The grocery store chain’s term was 36 months and the structure was $1.00 buyout.

4. Printing Industry: A Colorado customer financed $90K for a cutter. The term was 60 months using $1.00 buyout.

5. Retail Industry: A Texas customer financed $63K for energy upgrades. The term was 60 months using an EFA.


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