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Documentation is key. Not all lenders use comparable documentation, and often the language lenders' documents have substantially different economic impacts on the transactions. Always ask a lender for his documentation and review it before deciding to place a deposit.

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OneWorld Business Finance Announces Record Year-end Results

SAN DIEGO–OneWorld Business Finance announces record year-end results. At the annual meeting of OneWorld Business Finance in San Diego, CA, OneWorld announced it had passed the milestone of financing $50 million in capital equipment for fiscal year 2008. In addition, its 25 members reported combined originations of nearly $400 million. President Lou Manitzas said, “We all know times are tough, and this is when it is nice to be in a cooperative with your peers, proving our motto, ‘Strength in numbers’.”

About OneWorld Business Finance OneWorld Business Finance is a business cooperative created to help independent equipment leasing and finance companies further their common interests and to obtain greater marketing strength and funding power in the industry. OneWorld operates on a cooperative basis and is owned and controlled by its members who use its services. OneWorld’s motto is “Strength in numbers,” and its goal is to leverage the volume of the co-op to provide members with revenue opportunities, business services, national vendor programs, best practice activities and access to funding sources that may be unobtainable individually.

OneWorld Business Finance actively pursues new members that have demonstrated ethical leasing standards over many years. Membership qualifications require a commitment to the broker/lessor equipment leasing and finance industry, strong consistent leadership and a willingness to share experiences with like-minded industry participants.

During 2008, OneWorld members originated nearly $400 million of equipment finance transactions for its customers and vendor-partners.


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