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December 2013 Equipment Finance Rate Factors

Thank you for checking in. Here are market rates for purchasing essential equipment or software.


December 2013 24 36 48 60
Investment Grade (over $1 million) 0.04305 0.02929 0.02254 0.01857
A 0.04327 0.02952 0.02276 0.01880
B 0.04417 0.03041 0.02367 0.01973
App-only (under $100k) 0.04561 0.03138 0.02434 0.02015


We look forward to hearing from you. As always, please contact your OneWorld representative with questions or ideas. Just call us at (512)458-1300, and ask for Mike Wright at extension 234 or Mike Moran at extension 232.These Standard Middle Market Rates are intended to be guidelines for discussion purposes only and are subject to change higher or lower depending upon a review of the credit profile of each lessee. Also, contact your representative at OneWorld in order to discuss the multiple end-of-term options available, including, but not limited to $1out, Fair-Market-Value, Purchase-or-Renewal, or Equipment Finance Agreement.

Amber Jones

Marketing Manager

OneWorld Business Finance

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